Abstract: Reality

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38. Jeremias Altmann

Woodcut With The Axe

Estimate: £3,000-4,000

Each signed and numbered (on the reverse)
Woodcut relief print on archival paper 
Each: 90 x 76 cm.
Created in 2012
This work is in an edition of four. 

The Vienna based artist, Jeremias Altmann, creates abstract etchings from the marks made by his axe against four large blocks of basswood.

Altmann aims to capture aggression as one of the most powerful forces in our life. This performative way of working takes place inside a historic office building in Vienna. The large dimensions of the room create a reverb, which intensifies the violent sound of metal penetrating solid wood. The action of Altmann working on four different woodblocks was filmed from four angles, resulting in the print editions of The Woodcut With The Axe.

Jeremias Altmann lives and works in Vienna. He studied at Art School Vienna and University of Applied Arts Vienna and since 2006 his focus has been on graffiti and street art. Altmann has exhibited in Austria, France, Germany, England, Hungary, Serbia, India, Canada and China.


13 Dec Dec 13

Saatchi Gallery, London, SW3 4RY