Art Aid Ukraine

04 MAY 2022 - 17 MAY 2022
Elina Yumasheva 'Feathers' Elina Yumasheva 'Feathers'  alt
Elina Yumasheva 'Feathers'
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52. Elina Yumasheva


Oil on canvas
51 x 40.5 x 2 cm
Created in 2020


£450 - 650

This auction has now ended

Art Aid Ukraine (52/56)


Elina Yumasheva is a London-based abstract and landscape artist, capturing an emotional response to social and environmental issues. She uses light to build emotional connections with viewers. One may observe how the portrayal of light moves from projecting strength, firmness and sharpness to the subtle feeling of softness and fragility. Often intuitive, the act of making art contains an inherent message and is inseparable from the painting itself.

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