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Paper | Scissors | Stone

08 NOV 2018 7:00 PM
Alon Zakaim Fine Art, 5-7 Dover St, W1S 4LD
Paper   |   Scissors   |   Stone - Lot 33, John Taylor, Nine Collages (Variant 10)
Paper   |   Scissors   |   Stone - Lot 33, John Taylor, Nine Collages (Variant 10)

33. John Taylor

Nine Collages (Variant 10)

Each signed and dated by the artist (on the reverse)
Nine framed card collages with acrylic paint
Each: 26.5 X 21.5 cm. (including frame)
Created in 2018


£1,600 - 2,500

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Paper | Scissors | Stone (33/38)


John Taylor was educated at the Central Saint Martins in London where he studied Theatre and Film Design. Alongside this he spent a year living in the USA on a Fulbright Scholarship, awarded by the British Council, where he lectured on the value of art as a multicultural tool in global education.  Taylor broadly takes his inspiration from post war British art and his style is generally informed by the simplicity of modernism. 

Originally conceived as sketch ideas for larger abstract paintings his collages developed to become complete works in themselves. They originated from the '365 series'. This was an idea Taylor had where he created a piece of work every day for a year.  Once made the originals are kept as intact as possible with only the very minimum of intervention. Taylor believes this keeps the works immediate. Slight imperfections remind us that the works are hand-made.   

Nine Collages exemplifies a modernist approach to abstraction in a contemporary context.  Each piece makes an individual statement but collectively the nine works maintain a more powerful multiplication creating a single dramatic voice. They clearly show Taylor’s continuing passion for exploring abstraction in its purest sense.

His method is simple. He paints pieces of card with various tones and hues of acrylic colour and then begins the process of cutting and assembling the parts to create a finished statement.  Taylor decides the sequence for displaying his installations but likes the idea that the works can be shown in varying configurations, even as single units.

John Taylor will be showing a second work in Paper, Scissors, Stone, titled Agent of Colour.

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