Studio Sale | Clare Dudeney

17 JANUARY 2022 - 09 FEBRUARY 2022
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Untitled 2
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7. Clare Dudeney

Untitled (2)

Signed and dated (on the reverse)
Gouache on paper
40.5 x 35 cm
Made in 2021

This work is sold unframed. 
Framing can be arranged by the artist as pictured, for more information, please contact: [email protected]


£250 - 500

This auction has now ended

Studio Sale | Clare Dudeney (7/12)


Clare’s works capture the subjective experience of being through relationships of colour and shape. She traces thoughts, memories and emotions to create abstract landscapes with the unexpectedness of encounters with nature. Weaving is a meditative process, like taking a walk with threads, there’s no predetermined plan. She allows the woven paintings to build incrementally, accidents to redirect the pattern. The fragmented forms revealed through this process, unintentionally reflect tender past observations of rippling water, bark and stones. 

The woodcut paintings explore loss, with a process of destruction, each day carving marks, then careful fixing, painting the exposed wood. Learning that by letting go of what has come before, it’s possible to make space for something new. These works have an interesting spatial aspect, as the marks that appear to be on top - the last marks - are deepest. Her monotype paintings build on this approach and language. For these, she places marks each day on glass and presses the paper in, building layers of colours and textures.

Selected biography

Education: MA Fine Art (Distinction), City & Guilds of London Art School. Royal Drawing School.

Selected exhibitions: Collection 01, The Felt Collective, 2021. Top 100, The Auction Collective, 2021. Mindfulness, Visionary Projects, New York and Voss Gallery, San Francisco. Green Fires, The Violet Hour, 2021. What she didn’t say, Thames Side Studios, 2020. Wilderness for the mind, The Wilderness Art Collective, 2020. Shattered visage, The Violet Hour, 2019. Shapes of Being, The Dot Project, 2018.

Clare has worked in climate change and energy policy for 15 years. She is currently working on a freelance basis with the environmental charity Sustainability First, leading a project to amplify young, creative and diverse voices in debates on the climate crisis and social justice.


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