Gift Cards

By The Auction Collective

Published 30th Sep 2019

Your Gift Card
Many congratulations on being given a Gift Card and a very warm welcome to The Auction Collective. You are moments away from having a new artwork in your life. We are thrilled for you and the exciting times ahead. 
You can use your Gift Card to:
  • Buy artwork in The Auction Collective's auctions (browse auctions)
  • Buy artworks, or commission artists, through our Art Advisory service (more details)
Buying At Auction
To use the Gift Card at auction simply register and bid as with any other auction (see How to Bid). Once you have won the bid, share your Gift Card with The Auction Collective team who will deduct this from your final invoice or, if larger than the total bought, reissue you with a new Gift Card with the remaining balance. 
Buying Through Art Advisory
In between our auctions, we help clients with one-off art purchases and long-term collecting strategies. We can offer everything from hands-on experiences, with introductions to artists and studio visits, to discreet purchases with all logistics managed.
So if you can't wait for the next auction, or are looking for a specific artwork, then do get in touch with a member of the team. We would be delighted to set up a consultation. You can contact us here
Time Limits
There is no expiry date for your Gift Card, so take your time and enjoy choosing the perfect artwork.
Currency & Cash Exchange
At the moment, Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash. They can also only be redeemed against artworks purchased in the same currency as the Gift Card.
One Time Use & To Ups 
You do not have to use all the funds on your Gift Card in one purchase. You can also use your Gift Card to contribute to a higher value purchase paid by credit or debit card.
For any questions, speak with the team
+44 (0) 7918 880 581
[email protected]


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