The Spring Auction: Press Release

By The Auction Collective

Published 1st Dec 2018

1 December 2018

19-23 March 2019
Auction: 23 March, 12.00 pm

MENIER GALLERY, London (SE1 1RU)                                           

The Auction Collective is thrilled to announce The Spring Auction, a group exhibition and auction of 100 artworks handpicked from a variety of exciting emerging and under-represented artists.

Starting prices range from £100 to £3,800, all artwork is sold framed and ready to install, and there is no buyer’s commission.

Hosted at the Menier Gallery, near London Bridge and Borough Market, The Spring Auction will be the first in a series of seasonal auctions from The Auction Collective that are curated solely around affordability and quality.

As opposed to traditional auction houses, The Auction Collective works directly with artists. They visit art schools and studios across the country looking for both emerging and under-represented artists to take part in group auctions. All artworks in The Spring Auction will have been chosen in this way and selected based on the artist’s skill, and the artwork’s quality and price point.  

The 100 artworks will consist of a variety of mediums (including sculpture, painting, photography and works on paper) to celebrate the diverse talents of today’s artists and provide an opportunity for art lovers to purchase their favourite form of artwork.  

The exhibition will culminate in a public auction at midday on Saturday 23 March. Furthering The Auction Collective’s mission to make owning art a reality for more people, it will be the first auction by the group to take place during the day and at the weekend.  

The starting bids will range from £100 to £3,800 and there is 0% buyer’s commission: there will be no fee to buy the work.

“We want to make the process of buying artwork easier and more affordable. This is why all artwork is sold framed and ready to take home, and what you bid in the auction is what you pay – no extra costs” explains Tom Best, founder of The Auction Collective and former Christie’s auctioneer, “To make the process simple, and in line with everyday purchases, we have developed a registration, bidding and payment system that can all be done online in a matter of seconds. Even the auction paddle is downloaded to a bidder’s phone much like a train ticket or boarding pass.”

Ahead of the physical exhibition between 19-23 March, all artwork in The Spring Auction will be ready for viewing and advanced bidding at The Auction Collective’s website on 1 March.

Artwork can be bought in three ways:

  • In person at the auction - by downloading a bidding paddle to your phone.
  • By placing an absentee bid - for the auctioneer to execute on your behalf. 
  • Via the phone- by having The Auction Collective call you during the auction. 

All of these can be set up at The Auction Collective website. See ‘How to Bid’ for more details.

Art enthusiasts can follow @theauctioncollective on Instagram, or sign up to the mailing list, to hear details on the artists involved in The Spring Auction as they are announced.

The Spring Auction will be held between 19 March and 23 March at Menier Gallery, London, SE1 1RU. The auction will take place on 23 March at 12.00 pm. Both the auction and exhibition are open to the public at no charge.


Ali Ferro Kirby

Alice Sheridan

Almudena Romero

Anna MacDonald

Charles Emerson

Charley Peters

Charlotte Taylor

Christine Flynn

Claudia Legge

Darren John

Demi Overton

Dominic Beattie

Ed Hopley

Eileen Cooper

Eleanor Watson

Ernesto Romano

Euan Miles

Gilbert Leung

Gina Soden

Hannah Brown

Ian McChesney

Jack Penny

James Tarry

Jemma Appleby

John Hoyland

John Taylor

Jon Llewelyn

Jonathan Schofield

Jonathan Speed

Julia Hall

Juliane Kellersmann

Kerry Harding

Leonie Wharton

Louise Boulter

Luke Adam Hawker

Matt Jukes

Max Mason

Megan Rea

Michael Cox

Michael Craig Martin

Mila Morton

Mz Pink

Nadia Attura

Nathan Bowen

Norman Ackroyd

Peter Blake

Peter Evans

Peter Moolan Feroze

Philip Lyons

Rory Menage

Ruvan Wijesooriya

Sam Hennig

Sarah Maple

Tyga Helme

Will Atkins


The Auction Collective was established in 2017 by Tom Best, former Christie’s Auctioneer and Post-War and Contemporary art specialist.

Through its friendly pop-up auctions, The Auction Collective aims to: open the lower-value end of the art market to both artists and art buyers alike; allow a broader audience to experience the fun of a live auction and enjoyment of personally owning an artwork; celebrate the talent of today’s contemporary artists. All this is done through the transparent and accessible auction process.

In doing so, The Auction Collective has flipped the age-old auction model on its head by creating simplified registration and bidding technology that feature downloadable bidding paddles, collaborating directly with the artists, and removing the buyer’s commission from the auction process.

  • Direct from Artists: We work directly with emerging and established artists to curate auctions of artwork straight from their studios.
  • 0% buyer’s commission: Unlike other auctions, we don’t charge a fee to buy the work. What you bid is what you pay.
  • Quick and simple involvement: Our seamless registration, bidding and payment technology makes buying original art in a live auction as simple as buying an online train ticket or a ticket to a gig.
  • Keeping it real: We recognise the catalytic power of the internet to promote artists and artworks. But countering the trend to put all auctions online, we will always put together a physical exhibition and auction. We believe that when buying an original work of art, there is still nothing better than seeing it in person and nothing more fun than bidding for it in a live auction.
  • Art for everyone: We are continuing to innovate and experiment with new ways to make buying art something anyone can do, wherever they are and whoever they may be.

The Auction Collective partner with different groups of artists, art advisers and galleries to put together exciting art exhibitions and auctions.


For more information including images of artists and artwork, contact [email protected].

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