Abstract: Reality

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50. Aaron Wexler

It Takes Two

Estimate: £3,000-5,000

Abstract: Reality - Lot 50, Aaron Wexler, It Takes Two

Collage and painted paper on wood panel
122 x 102 cm.
Created in 2008

Aaron Wexler says of his work, "There’s something about elements in nature that are always surprisingly abstract to me. I’m interested in shapes in nature as they relate to abstraction in painting. In my work I investigate the curious, rich area of visual potential these shapes exist in. I question how we interpret what we see in terms of abstraction whether it is by chance or intentionally looking at a work of art.

I collect distinctly different representations of abstraction of nature: prints, books, photographs and more. I make drawings and collages from these source materials. They become cut and paste blueprints from which I build my surface layers on the picture plane.

Concealing and revealing in my work is an important form of visual play. I play with the back and forth between what is print, what is paint and what is just negative space. Collage is a form of sampling but for me it’s what’s in between those samples, which is just as exciting. My selection process of shapes, images and paint is based in poetic responses on how I respond to formal elements – it is in that act that I find profound meaning."

Aaron Wexler graduated from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 1999 with a M.F.A. Painting and Drawing and has exhibited widely in New York and London. This work was included in both the One in the Other (2007-2008) and Abstract Amercica (2009) exhibitions at the Saatchi Gallery. 

Abstract: Reality - Lot 50, Aaron Wexler, It Takes Two

13 Dec Dec 13

Saatchi Gallery, London, SW3 4RY