Abstract: Reality

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19. Andrei Costache

Rainbow 1984

Estimate: £10,000-15,000

Abstract: Reality - Lot 19, Andrei Costache, Rainbow 1984

Coloured plywood
282 x 61 x 200 cm.
Created in 2018
This work is unique. 


Andrei Costache is a multidisciplinary artist working preponderantly in the fields of sculpture, architectural design and public art. 

Costache says of his work, "Although I don't particularly try to follow a certain narrative, during the last 6 years I've developed an affinity for minimalism which reflects my everyday pursuit of clarity.

Inspired by bebop and jazz, the aim is to freestyle my way through the rainbow diorama of design and comment about the subtleties of making, space exploration and the infinity of form. I tend to visit the digital interior of the object as much as the three-dimensional exterior via geometrical amalgamations the same as outer body experience.

I tried to think of minimalism. I challenged myself to make a poetic work which I believe creates a more philosophical dialogue with the transcendental character of Heidegger’s seminal text about sculpture as a temple of God, around which we contemplate. The work being subjected to meaning, it forms around the idea of memory, and that of a hi-tech fantasy seen from a childhood perspective.

I believe my work will accompany well the post internet AI conceptual partnership. These coloured shapes provoke the viewer to question the bendable reality of nature and life itself. I am experimenting with a variety of models that marry sculpture with graphic design, art and architecture. I want to make contemporary art cool again and imagine future landscapes."

Rainbow 1984 was part if Costache's final exhibition, Floral Ambience 5, at Slade for his MA in Sculpture. He says, "I tried to talk about a future not far from here. A hyperactive fantasy."

Abstract: Reality - Lot 19, Andrei Costache, Rainbow 1984

13 Dec Dec 13

Saatchi Gallery, London, SW3 4RY