Abstract: Reality

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2. Cath Riley

Firm Hand

Estimate: £1,800-2,800

Abstract: Reality - Lot 2, Cath Riley, Firm Hand

Pencil on paper
17 x 27 cm.
Drawn in 2016


Cath Riley's drawings are patiently created through a layering technique using simply a pencil. Her skill at capturing images as true life is further with the knowledge that she never uses graphite or an eraser in her process. Focusing on a specific detail of an object or person, the artist builds the image with layer-upon-layer of pencil work to achieve a highly-detailed representation of the materials and body in the final image. The results are astonishing, hyper-realist images that lead the viewer to question the artworks form and medium. 

Riley has an M.A. in Fine Art and B.A. in Embroidery, her work can be found in private collections across Europe and America, and her work has been exhibited widely including: The Gallery, Cork Street, The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Discerning EyeCommercial clients of the artist include Nike, Adidas, The New York Times, G.Q., The Economist, The Bavarian State Opera and others.

Abstract: Reality - Lot 2, Cath Riley, Firm Hand

13 Dec Dec 13

Saatchi Gallery, London, SW3 4RY