Abstract: Reality

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42. Klaus Mosettig

Super Cimat N 150

Estimate: £4,000-6,000

Abstract: Reality - Lot 42, Klaus Mosettig, Super Cimat N 150

Pencil on paper
163 x 165 cm.
Created in 2010

Klaus Mosettig creates these meticulous drawings by setting up a blank slide projector and varying the focus so that the inherent scratches, dust and marks become clearly defined against his paper. He then comprehensively charts every mark on to the paper which the image is being projected onto. The title Super Cimat N150 refers to the name of the projector used for the drawing. 

Ben Street, art critic, says of his work, "His drawings resemble the reaction of the eye when faced with a blank space. The tiny hairs and specks of dust recall floaters, the shadows of red blood cells that bob across one’s vision when the eye is still, as when one looks closely at a work of art in a white-walled gallery space. In this sense, Mosettig’s work lives in the gap between the eye and the brain, between a thing seen and a thing understood. Its power lies in its unwillingness to close that gap."

This work was included in the Saatchi Gallery Paper exhibition in November 2013. Recent solo show by the artist include Handwriting at Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Germany. 

Abstract: Reality - Lot 42, Klaus Mosettig, Super Cimat N 150

13 Dec Dec 13

Saatchi Gallery, London, SW3 4RY