Abstract: Reality

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5. Regine Schumann

Color Satin Rainbow Duesseldorf (Blue)

Estimate: £2,500-3,500

Abstract: Reality - Lot 5, Regine Schumann, Color Satin Rainbow Duesseldorf (Blue)

Acrylic glass and fluorescent pigment
68 x 7 x 14 cm.
Created in 2017​​
This work is from an edition of 12. 
This artwork is the sculpture illustrated on the left-hand side of the image and is shown under ultra-violet light. 




Regine Schumann is amongst the most notable artists working in the field of acrylic sculpture today, recognised for her artworks in which light, and its transformative qualities, play a key role in the experience and exploration of colour and form. 

Her oeuvre consists of many compelling juxtapositions of circles and rectangles, dramatic linearity and dynamic curvilinear forms that are especially highlighted under the aura of black light (as seen in the current image). These duplicitous encounters with Schumann’s sculptures allow for an ever-changing visual experience.

When subjected to the influence of black light, daylight, or even without any light on them at all, the work’s character undergoes a transformation, lending whichever space or room they are in a new, secretive, atmospheric light. It creates a spatial experience produced by the visible light, by an illumination within, through the apparent melting away of the space’s material, physical presence. Stimulated by the black light, which the eye cannot see, the works’ surfaces give out intensively glowing colours, which evoke a paradoxical yet chromatic aura.

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Abstract: Reality - Lot 5, Regine Schumann, Color Satin Rainbow Duesseldorf (Blue)

13 Dec Dec 13

Saatchi Gallery, London, SW3 4RY