Abstract: Reality

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12. Theresa Goessmann

Die Welt mit den 3 Streifen (The World with the 3 Stripes)

Estimate: £1,200-1,800

Abstract: Reality - Lot 12, Theresa Goessmann, Die Welt mit den 3 Streifen (The World with the 3 Stripes)

Signed and numbered (on the reverse)
Digital print on poly canvas
200 x 140 cm.
Created in 2018
Created in an edition of three plus one Artist's Proof.

Theresa Goessmann is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and illustrator based in London, where she recently completed her MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. Her work moves between the gaps of creative disciplines, merging design, art, writing, photography, drawing or animation into a shapeshifting practice.

This work was created for Theresa's graduation show at Central Saint Martins, where it was part of a large multimedia installation consisting of prints, sculpture and ceramics. The print is the result of a long process beginning with handmade textiles that were scanned and later digitally manipulated. The title, an adaption of the Adidas brand slogan, hints at the exploration multiplicity and a negotiation of the one against the many, which is a reoccurring theme in Theresa’s practice. The work is enquiry in subtleties and the differences within seriality and plays on themes of authorship with it’s painterly qualities. Digital print is the medium of choice as it is able to be transformative - it allows digital files to shapeshift onto paper, fabric, or any other material. With that it embodies so much of what it feels like to be a person in this contemporary moment of constant flux and flexibility.

Die Welt mit den 3 Streifen is printed on 'poly canvas' which is a polyester based canvas as opposed to the traditional cotton canvas that is used for oil and acrylic etc. Synthetic fibres with a tight weave allow a smoother, more regular surface and can achieve a more defined, clear printing outcome, which is especially important for this particular work. This is a tightly-woven 500 gsm canvas. Theresa says, "I had done a lot of research into surfaces and tested different printing methods during the development of this work and found that polyester canvas is often used in marine or sailing. Jeff Elrod for example uses fisher canvas, a particular kind used for boat covers usually. However, nowadays more artists, even painters, choose to use synthetic canvases for a more even ground and it is used for digital printing, UV printing or direct to media printing. It doesn’t affect the archival quality of the print however."

With this work, Theresa was shortlisted for the Tiffany & Co. x Outset Studiomakers prize.

Theresa has previously collaborated on performance pieces, dance, installation art and set design as well as held public workshops at Tate Exchange. Her work has been featured in shows in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Costa Rica and China.

Abstract: Reality - Lot 12, Theresa Goessmann, Die Welt mit den 3 Streifen (The World with the 3 Stripes)

13 Dec Dec 13

Saatchi Gallery, London, SW3 4RY