The Christmas Auction

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74. Lizzy Nicholson


Estimate: £150 - 250

The Christmas Auction - Lot 74, Lizzy Nicholson, Federica

45 x 35 cm.
Created in March 2018
This work in number 1 in an edition of 1.

A sense of trust and closeness is implied in Lizzy Nicholson's tender, observational photography.

We are bought within millimetres of the nape of the neck and back of the sitter and yet he does not seem to flinch. The sitter is at ease with the photographers presence. The soft play of light across the back and slight tilt of the head creates a highly naturalistic image.

We are given just the slightest indication of who the sitter might be, but that is pure speculation of the the viewer's part. It is an open ended moment held in quiet consideration by the artist. 

Lizzy is an editorial photographer based in London, who travels widely in Eastern Europe, California and the Middle East. She takes her visual cues from the counter culture around her, her friends and family who all live and breathe art and music.

Lizzy views her camera as "an access-all-areas pass, opening doors to hidden worlds on trips and a point of connection with other artists and interesting people."


Fine Art (BA Hons), Central Saint Martins, 2010.

The Christmas Auction - Lot 74, Lizzy Nicholson, Federica

07 Dec Dec 07

Menier Gallery, London SE1 1RU