The Christmas Auction

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52. Nick Moran


Estimate: £500 - 1,200

The Christmas Auction - Lot 52, Nick Moran, Kaleidoscope

Signed (underneath)
Steel and paint
16 x 42 x 13 cm.
Created in 2019
This work is unique.

Kaleidoscope's elegance and lightness defies the weight and strength of the steel forged for its creation. 

Red circular discs are semi folded and connected at differing points to create a feeling of wings in flight or leaves picked up by a whorl of wind, this elegant sculpture retains a sense of movement and infinite possibilities viewed in the round. 

"Sculpture has its own language, and I aim to tell a story like a poem or a song but without words."

At the age of 18 Nick Moran got a job at a steel works factory in Australia and here he learnt the craft of forming steel. This combined with a childhood fascination with tinkering an his grandfather's worksop led to a career as a successful sculptor working predominantly in steel.

The artist later opened his own forge in London after an apprenticeship where he was able to complete commercial work and expand his sculptural practice.

Nick travels widely to gain inspiration for his sculptures, he sites antiquity, sculptural icons and shrines as part of his library of references and starting points.  Recently, a visit to Iceland led to a series of sculptures inspired by the coastal communities and the fishing boats in the harbours around the country. The initial idea became an abstract memory.

"Artistically, I have always been attracted to the hard-edge California paintings of the 60s and the work of steel sculptor David Smith. It is that type of industrial history within the methods of construction I find particularly appealing."


Blacksmithing, Hereford College of Art. 

Awards: Winner of Outstanding Craftsmanship by The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths. 

The 2012 London Olympics U.S swimmer Michael Phelps was awarded a sculpture presented by FINA created by Nick Moran to celebrate him becoming the greatest Olympic athlete of all time. Nick has also completed commissions for The Arctic cruise ship Norwegian Bliss and Duplo International for a sculpture that was later shown in Tate Modern.

Nick Moran is also including Glide in The Christmas Auction. 

The Christmas Auction - Lot 52, Nick Moran, Kaleidoscope

07 Dec Dec 07

Menier Gallery, London SE1 1RU