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73. Rebecca Holloway


Estimate: £700 - 1,000

The Christmas Auction - Lot 73, Rebecca Holloway, Areca

Oil on canvas
62 x 70 cm.
Painted in 2019

Rebecca Holloway paints carefully considered depictions of the environments we create for ourselves as we move between temporary living spaces.

Rebecca explains that as she moved out of her university flat she was left considering the temporary nature of of the place she had made her home and on he many short histories that existed there before hers. 

Rebecca is interested in human relationships to plants, animals and the wilderness of nature. She paints the spaces that we give to plants and animals and considers how we contort our lives and surroundings to include living creatures or plants. 

"Plants provide a grounding to such a space albeit a tentative one. Their domestic familiarity, their mutual relationship with humans, serves as a relief and small semblance of companionship and control. But this relationship is always tempered by the plant’s own wildness, its changeability, and propensity to die. With this in mind, I set about how I might explore this on canvas."

She notes how we often sanitise, restrict, or strip away the essential elements of nature of other living things to accommodate our human habit. She seeks to bring back a sense of 'otherness' in her paintings which she feels is lost by human intervention. 


Fine Art (BA Hons), University of Edinburgh, 2018.

Group Exhibitions: F.E.E.L.S, Teviot Row House, Edinburgh 2019. ALIGHT, Visual Arts Scotland, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh 2019. Emergence, Resipole Gallery, Acharacle 2018.

Rebecca Holloway is also including Enrwap in The Christmas Auction. 

The Christmas Auction - Lot 73, Rebecca Holloway, Areca

07 Dec Dec 07

Menier Gallery, London SE1 1RU