The Crossover

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34. Toby Boundy

Bridges over ...

Estimate: £1,200 - 1,800

The Crossover - Lot 34, Toby Boundy, Bridges over ...

Signed (on the reverse)
Oil on canvas
96.5 x 71 cm.
Painted in 2017

The title of this work, Bridges over ... , is derived from the poem Orpheus. Eurydice. Hermes by Rainer Maria Rilke. In the essay on the poem, 90 Years Later, by Joseph Brodsky the translation reads  “Bridges over voidness…”.
Toby Boundy has a rich lexicon of tropes that appear in his paintings, some of which can be identified in Bridges Over... In this work translation and intertextuality are key themes.
 "A painting can be a window. An opening. It can also be closed. A cover. One can use a painting to look at, with and through. A painting can be a depiction, an image. Also a painting is an object. These objects can have a use; useful objects. A painting can be a stage. A painting can be a prop. Open and closed. Present and absent. Studio ephemera. A diagram. A person present; a person implied. An empty room. Shallow space. The body present. The body implied. The body fractured. The body absent. The body restored. The difference between paintings of things and paintings which are not of things is often over emphasised."
Toby Boundy has a BA Hons Painting from Chelsea School of Art and Design. Solo exhibitions include “Been trying to reach you”, Angelus Gallery, Winchester College, “Fear/Bleed“- David David Gallery, London and “Reverse” at Studio 5 Cubitt Studios. 



The Crossover - Lot 34, Toby Boundy, Bridges over ...

12 Oct Oct 12

Candid Arts, 3 Torrens St, London EC1V 1NQ