The Spring Auction 2020

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3. Fabio Almeida


Estimate: £350 - 550

The Spring Auction 2020 - Lot 3, Fabio Almeida, Ra

Signed and dated (on the reverse)
Painted paper, varnish and markers on wood panel
63 x 48 cm.
Created in February 2020

Combining references from the realms of architecture, design and art history, Fabio Almeida creates large scale collages using a variety of materials including painted and found paper, markers, spray paint and letraset.

His playful compositions function as fractured landscapes or structures whereupon events and narratives may develop. A sense of nostalgia permeates through Fabio’s work - his colour palette, shapes and materials alluding to a bygone era of modern optimism but tinted with the gritty realities of present day living.


Painting at City Lit Institute, London. Art & Design, Royal College of Art, London.

Exhibitions: Re-Assemble, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London. States of Disruption, M.I.R Space, ASC Studio, London, 2019. Unfolding, AMP Gallery, London.

The Spring Auction 2020 - Lot 3, Fabio Almeida, Ra

28 Mar Mar 28

Candid Arts, 3 Torrens St, London EC1V 1NQ