At The Auction Collective we love art and we want to make it easy for anyone to have a piece of art in their life. ​As a result, we partner with different groups of artists, art advisers and galleries to put together exciting art exhibitions and auctions.

To make buying art easier and more affordable for everyone involved, we have even flipped the age-old auction model on its head:

  • Direct from Artists: We work directly with emerging and established artists to curate auctions of artwork straight from their studios. 
  • 0% buyer’s commission: Unlike other auctions, we don’t charge a fee to buy the work. What you bid is what you pay.
  • Quick and simple involvement: Our seamless registration and bidding technology makes buying original art in a live auction as simple as buying an online train ticket or a ticket to a gig.
  • Keeping it real: We recognise the catalytic power of the internet to promote artists and artworks. But countering the trend to put all auctions online, we will always put together a physical exhibition and auction. We believe that when buying an original work of art, there is still nothing better than seeing it in person and nothing more fun than bidding for it in a live auction.
  • Art for everyone: We are continuing to innovate and experiment with new ways to make buying art something anyone can do, wherever they are and whoever they may be.

For information on future auctions, follow us on Instagram @theauctioncollective and sign up to the mailing list at the bottom of the page.

We hope you can come to our next show, fall in love with an artwork, and win the bid in the auction. 

For any artwork, press or partnership enquiries please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Press & Partnerships

Tom Best, Auctioneer & Director


Artists & Artwork 

Francesca Wilson, Auction Curator


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The Auction Collective was founded in 2017 by Tom Best, a former Christie's auctioneer and specialist in Impressionist, Modern, Post-War & Contemporary Art.