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The Auction Collective is an auction service platform.

We help people run auctions and promote them to our networks. From artist's studio-sales to charity fundraisers and commercial exhibitions, we specialise in contemporary art and making the process an enjoyable experience.

So, if you are thinking of running an auction or have an idea you would like to collaborate on, then do get in touch. We would love to hear from you.



We help artists run studio-sale auctions, artist-led group shows, print auctions and much more.

Our Art Advisory service also connects buyers, brands and good causes to artists for commissions, private sales and charitable support.

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Fundraising Auctions


Either using the platform or through our network of auctioneers, we can help with online and in-person auctions, fundraising galas, pledge moments and longer term income generation.

Galleries and Art Groups


We support artist-led group auctions and gallery events by providing a wide toolkit of sale mechanisms, including print auctions and buy now exhibitions.

Unified through bespoke Viewing Rooms, shows can combine multiple auctions and buying options. To ensure the success of the events, we also promote every show to our database of collectors. 

Art Advisors & Curators


Our auctions, buy now exhibitions and print auctions help art industry experts connect with new audiences and provide an exciting environment to curate commercial shows. 

Brands and Businesses


We help brands connect with contemporary artists on commercial and charitable projects.

We also run a series of mock-auction and art collecting workshops with businesses and their clients. 

Join the Team


We are a rapidly growing organisation with plans to expand the team, so do keep an eye out on the newsletter and LinkedIn for new opportunities.


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