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Today’s 24 hour connected culture provides little time for individual moments of reflection and tranquillity.

Whilst ‘Stay at home’ measures and lockdown restrictions have isolated many during the 2020 pandemic, they have also exacerbated the pressure for others to be permanently online and available.

This group auction brings together 14 contemporary artists whose transcendental artwork encourages the viewer to slow down and take the time to understand their surroundings.

By pausing and allowing themselves to absorb the artwork in front of them, the viewer is able to enter their own state of self reflection and contemplation.

Live stream |  6 November, 7 pm
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Shipping & Collection 
The cost of shipping is not included in this sale. 
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Monthly Payment
Monthly payment options are available for all artwork in this auction. Contact The Auction Collective for more information. 

Bidding Enquiries
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Eva Ullrich, Enter the abstract, The Auction Collective
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