'Human' Nature

14 SEPTEMBER 2023 - 05 OCTOBER 2023, Ended 02:00 PM (UK time)

'Human' Nature, curated by Sofia Ilie, is an auction that delves into the profound intricacies of our surroundings and the enigmatic depths of human existence. This serves as a platform to not only appreciate and explore our world but also to support rising stars across a diverse range of artistic mediums, including painting and ceramics.

Each piece part of 'Human' Nature represents a unique perspective on the human experience, capturing the essence of our collective journey through life. From vibrant, evocative paintings that encourage deep emotional responses to intricate ceramic creations that showcase the delicate balance between fragility and resilience, the artworks on offer are a testament to the profound depth of human expression.

The majority of the hammer price from each sale is allocated to the creators, providing them with the support to further develop their creative practice.

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