Out of the Margins

15 SEPTEMBER 2023 - 06 OCTOBER 2023, Ended 02:08 PM (UK time)

In collaboration with Christie's

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An auction of annotated first and special edition plays and scripts from the best of theatre in aid of Good Chance, the Theatre of Hope, creators of The Jungle and The Walk with Little Amal, to support their work with refugee artists, in collaboration with Christie's.

Out of the Margins brings together over 50 of the world's leading playwrights, who have each jotted anecdotes, memories, reflections and thoughts in the margins of their iconic text. 

These unique annotated objects - whether rare first edition hardback or special script from the rehearsal room - offer each lucky owner a slice of theatre history, something to treasure forever, while giving the reader a glimpse into the person behind the play script, standing as an intimate testimony to the artist's own journey. 

The proceeds of this once-in-a-generation auction will go towards Good Chance's work bringing diverse communities together, co-creating art and theatre with refugee artists, and telling big stories of hope and humanity like The Jungle and The Walk with Little Amal

Timed Auction
Starts: 15 September
Ends: 6 October, 2pm

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[email protected]

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