Studio Sale 2023 | Adriana Jaros

20 JANUARY 2023 - 06 FEBRUARY 2023, Ended 10:00 AM (UK time)

A Studio Sale of works of art direct from the studio of artist Adriana Jaros.

Timed Auction Ends
6 February, 10am (GMT)

Adriana Jaroslavsky is a Latin American interdisciplinary artist from Caracas, Venezuela based in London, UK.

"I work at the intersection of art and experience. The essence of a memory is everything about it that we can’t put into words. I use my practice to retell stories - through a mural, a performance, an interior space - giving second life to a memory that has shaped me, us.

I am super happy to offer, through this studio sale auction, some pieces that I have made during my practice, that for one reason or another I have not shown in public yet. These pieces are precious to me as they are a profound testimony of my practice and the development in the search of my own voice, within close doors, in the solitude of my studio. I hope you like and enjoy this offering!"

Bidding Enquiries
[email protected]

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Monthly payment options are available for this artwork.

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