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27 FEBRUARY 2023 - 17 MARCH 2023, Ended 08:02 PM (UK time)

Project RISE

Project RISE
On the Brink Arts is a new arts and environmental organisation that aims to connect with communities and engage them in issues surrounding the environment and climate change through art, film and music.
We particularly aim to reach out to young people who are feeling increasingly anxious, depressed and disengaged about their future, by generating positivity through creativity.

The film RISE will be the kick-starter for Project Rise - a series of creative workshops with communities and youth groups, culminating in large scale public art, such as murals, sculpture installations and live productions. Project RISE will start in Gloucester and then tour the UK.

The film trailer is here:

Using footage generously donated by Greenpeace, Amazon Watch, RAIN, Jones Food Company, Lush Spring Prize , Eco restoration Camps, Sustainable Food Places and Jean Cullen

The film will portray our planet, our relationship with it and the consequences of our behaviour. It will conclude with a demonstration of some of the many inspirational solutions and initiatives that are already beginning around the world. Its aim is to empower people, to help them build resilience and adapt to the changing environmental and economic landscape.
The money raised here at this auction will fund the completion of the of the film.

This will involve the production of a ‘soundscape’ with compositions and lyrics created by young people in response to the film. There will be a wonderful collaboration with the Noke Koi tribe from the Amazon, in which words from their leader will be sung by a young person from the UK.

The film Rise will have its premiere screening at Glastonbury Festival and we aim to screen it at the next COP summit in late 2023.




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