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23 FEBRUARY 2021 - 12 MARCH 2021, Ended 07:00 PM (UK time)

A Studio Sale of 15 works direct from Amelia Coward's Whitstable studio. Amelia works mostly to commission for both private collectors and public spaces. This studio sale offers an opportunity for collectors to buy works, not destined for commissions, which are beautifully crafted studies in colour, composition and material.

Amelia Coward 

Amelia Coward is known for her explorations into colour, with a growing international profile. Born in 1975, she holds a 1st class Honours from Central St Martins and MA from the Royal College of Art. Her artworks can be found in both private and corporate collections worldwide. Having received training based upon the colour theory teachings of Josef Albers, Amelia creates artworks that focus on the interaction of colours. Her works are carefully composed studies of spacial balance between geometric coloured elements such as circles and stripes. Influenced heavily by her woven textile training she uses laser cutters much the same way as she was trained to use a loom, cutting geometric shapes then reassembling them in patchwork compositions. Her works move dramatically from highly detailed dot pieces containing sometimes 1000’s of raised hand-painted dots to large scale striped pieces comprise of contrasting scales and bold clashing colours. 

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