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04 JUNE 2021 - 20 JUNE 2021
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Nicole Mclaughlin
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35. Nicole McLaughlin

Booster Seat

Signed ‘Nicole McLaughlin’
Scots pine, newspapers, piping insulation, plastic bags, clip-on magnifying glass, PVC pouches, puzzle books, pocket magnifying glass and pencils 
87 × 70 × 51 cm 
Created in 2020. 

Signed Certificate of Authenticity included.

Please note that this chair is to be seen as a one of a kind artwork rather than a functioning piece of furniture. Please do not sit.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the wood, all chairs show minor discolouration and warping.


£500 - 1,000

This auction has now ended

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“I updated the idea of the booster seat with new functionality through upcycled materials. The addition of newspapers and foam inserts provide a different level of comfort and practicality. While the clear storage pouches, crossword puzzles, and magnifying glass help exercise the mind and boost brain cells.” - Nicole McLaughlin

Nicole McLaughlin is a New York-based designer. In 2018, a hobby evolved into a career, one that focuses on the ever-evolving exploration around upcycling and sustainable fashion. Taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to her creative process, Nicole has transformed old volleyballs into slippers, camera bags into bralettes, and crafted board shorts from packets of Haribo gummies. This unexpected translation of materials allows her to uniquely highlight the message of sustainability — a key element to her success in changing the perception around waste and sustainable design. (Words of Nicole McLaughlin) 


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