Erna Simis, Untitled (II), The Auction Collective Erna Simis, Untitled (II), The Auction Collective Erna Simis, Untitled (II), The Auction Collective
Erna Simis, Untitled (II), The Auction Collective
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Erna Simis

Untitled (II)

Editioned (lower left), signed and dated (lower right)
Charbonnel Encre Taille Douce on Cerfontaine Simili Japon Blank 250 gr.
Sheet: 30 x 25 cm.
Created in 2020
This work is from an edition of 10 plus one artist's proof.
Sold with a certificate of authenticity from the artist.

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The last work from this edition will go to auction


This is the last work from the edition and will be offered at auction. Notify me

Abstract Etchings (4/18)


Erna Simis is a Dutch painter and printmaker. She lives and works in Westerwolde, a rural region in the Netherlands. Her work is influenced by her fascination for naturally formed shapes and textures created by growth or erosion. She is intrigued by the sense of constant movement and change around us. In her abstract etchings, she strives for a symbiosis between shape, line, colour and texture. She often combines several etching plates and techniques and loves the inexhaustible source of possibilities that intaglio has to offer.


Education: Painting and printmaking, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht 1986-1990. Folkwang University of the Arts Essen, Germany 1990-1992. BA Fine Art and Design in Education Artez University of the Arts Zwolle 2015-2017.

Erna is affiliated with the Dutch Graphic Arts Platform (Grafiekplatform) and the German-Dutch Graphic Arts Network (Grafieknetwerk).


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