Blue Bunny, Miranda Pissarides, The Auction Collective (1).jpg
Blue Bunny, Miranda Pissarides, The Auction Collective (1).jpg
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46. Miranda Pissarides

Blue Bunny

Signed (underneath)
Pigment, resin, fabric and wood
155 x 72 x 72 cm.
Created in 2018
This work is unique.


£3,000 - 4,000
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Abstract: Reality (46/74)


Miranda Pissarides lives and works in London. She works predominantly in the medium of painting and sculpture, as well as taxidermy, mosaic and drawing. 

The artist explains her work, "I like to over saturate my work with colour, texture and finish. Blue Bunny is made up of one pigment which I have taken apart and used in a variety of tones. I want to create work that confronts the viewer and helps to enter a dialogue with the work. I like the idea of abstraction, and the sense that each of my works is open to interpretation. It becomes both personal and subjective to each individual. Blue Bunny is neither human nor creature. He is not dead or alive. He is cute but also quite sinister. He is neither painting or sculpture. Blue Bunny lives in the realm of the ‘inbetween’. He has most probably read Julia Kristeva’s theorys on the ‘in-between’ in ‘Powers of Horror; An Essay on Abjection".

In 2007 she was awarded Art Achievement Award at Queen’s College London. In 2008 she graduated with a Fine Art Foundation Diploma (Distinction) from St Martin’s College, London. In 2012 she graduated from Slade School of Fine Art, London with a BA (hons) in Fine Art and Theory. In 2015 Miranda was awarded the ArtSlant Showcase Winner award. Miranda has exhibited extensively in London as well as New York, Brazil, Italy, Cyprus and Japan. She has recently completed two solo exhibitions in Rome and London (2017). In 2018 Miranda was awarded the Saatchi Gallery Young Artist Award (Fine Art).

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