Steven Lowery, Gnashins Still in Fashion, The Auction Collective.jpg
Steven Lowery, Gnashins Still in Fashion, The Auction Collective.jpg
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57. Steven Lowery

Gnashins Still in Fashion

Pen on paper 
29 x 20.5 cm
Created in 2003


£500 - 700
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Abstract: Reality (57/74)


Steven Lowery is a Newcastle-based visual artist using multimedia to express dissatisfaction with the saccharine materialism that pollutes popular culture. His drawings and paintings often comprise a psychedelic mixture of media containing WordArt within an amorphous visual frame.

Samples of his signature captions include "It's not easy being a dolphin" and "I am the king", though there's a well of language to be unpacked in pockets of his works.

Ben Street, art critic and writer, describes his work, "In Steven Lowery’s drawings, snippets of overheard language crash and slide together, trying to squeeze each other out of the picture. Fragments from stand up routines run up against slogans from adverts; conversations overheard in the post office queue or in the pub share space with song lyrics and mad neologisms. The effect is one of visual noise, compounded by Lowery’s blazing, psychedelic palette, somewhat comparable to 1960s rock posters that aimed to find a visual correlative for the trippy tunes they sought to promote."

Lowery has been shown in such galleries as Jerwood Space, London (2011); Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA, US (2010); The Drawing Center. New York (2007). This work was exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery exhibition Paper in 2013. 

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