Annabel's For The Amazon 2023

05 SEPTEMBER 2023 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2023
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18. Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst: Complete Set of 12 limited edition prints from ‘Where the Land Meets the Sea’

Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary art with this extraordinary auction lot, showcasing the unmistakable brilliance of Damien Hirst. Where the Land Meets the Sea, includes 12 unique prints after works from Damien Hirst’s latest series Coast Paintings, Sea Paintings and Seascapes. Acquire a masterpiece that captures the essence of his innovative and thought-provoking artistic vision, setting the stage for a legacy that reverberates through time.


£38,000 - 45,000

This auction has now ended

Annabel's For The Amazon 2023 (18/32)


- A complete set of 12 prints from HENI and Damien Hirst's limited edition print series ‘Where the Land Meets the Sea’
- The editions are laminated Giclée prints on aluminium composite panel, in sizes ranging from 90 x 90 cm to 135 x 90 cm
- The prints are numbered and hand-signed on the label by Damien Hirst  

T&C's: This series is still in production, and all prints will be available four months after the close of the auction.

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