Art Aid Ukraine

04 MAY 2022 - 17 MAY 2022
14_Helen Trevaskis 'City' Helen Trevaskis 'City'
14_Helen Trevaskis 'City'
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50. Helen Trevaskis


Monoprint with silver leaf
62 x 48 cm.
Created in 2019


£250 - 350

This auction has now ended

Art Aid Ukraine (50/56)


Helen Trevaskis is a UK-based illustrator and writer, drawn to tougher topics and with a love of experimental image-making. Her work is influenced by Cornwall where she grew up and by her experience of working on public-health projects for low-income communities in developing countries in South-East Asia and Africa.  Both experiences inform her “use what you’re good at to do something good” philosophy which led her to establish Streetdraw 24 in 2018, which raises funds and awareness of issues related to homelessness through engaging local artists and the public in annual drawing events and exhibitions.

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