Art Auction - Arms Around the Child, Timed

24 OCTOBER 2022 - 13 NOVEMBER 2022
Naivety. Just a Child (2016) PETE CODLING
Naivety. Just a Child (2016)
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49. Peter Codling

Naivety Drawing No1. Just a Child (2016)

Charcoal on Fabriano paper with Gold leaf
120 x 100 x 8 cm
Unique / Framed
Donated by the Artist.


£1,100 - 2,600

This auction has now ended

Art Auction - Arms Around the Child, Timed (49/69)


Pete Codling is an established artist with 30 years of award-winning art exhibitions and public sculpture commissions. 

He studied in London and his hometown of Portsmouth. Over the last decade his large charcoal drawings have developed into a significant body of work. They explore the big human stories, often with an auto-biographical theme but his traditional, pictorial use of charcoal is an attuned and sensitive counterbalance within the contemporary art scene. His work aims to engage the viewer in a dialogue of skill, content and meaning: they are not for decoration, I make art to be worthy of at least a thousand words!” 

This original drawing from the Naivety Drawings portfolio created in 2016 as a contemporary Christmas Nativity with the traditional roles replaced by some, perhaps unexpected new characters. It has been exhibited in Oxford’s North Wall Gallery, The Jackhouse Gallery Portsmouth and Portsmouth Cathedral. The sale of this seminal piece will force Pete to create a new ‘Baby Jesus’ as the Naivety Drawings evolve and get re-invented each season.

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