Art for Relief II

02 NOVEMBER 2021 - 23 NOVEMBER 2021
Anna Woodward
Anna Woodward
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24. Anna Woodward

Lost in Posiedon's wrath

 Lost in Posiedon’s wrath 
Oil on Canvas 
80 x 70 cm 


£300 - 700

This auction has now ended

Art for Relief II (24/24)


Anna Woodward is a London based artist and curator who founded The Artists Contemporary in January 2020. Anna creates abstract paintings that reference and are inspired by classical paintings that depict Greek Mythology. Anna is really fascinated by the relationship between the literature and the paintings. Looking at how the representation of themes and characters defer between the two. Anna works in oil paint creating complex and layered works that speak across a range of different painting languages. From detailed flowing floral forms to structural metallic pillars, the use of different painting styles creates depth and contrast within the works that are mirrored in the contrast between Anna’s source material. Anna is greatly influenced by artists such as Cecily Brown and Hieronymus Bosch.

Anna started the platform whilst she was still studying her undergraduate at City and Guilds of London Art School, she wanted to create a forum that supported and celebrated fellow contemporary living artists. The Artists Contemporary has now expanded beyond an instagram account into a Podcast, online gallery called The Atelier, a platform for creative writers through The Writer’s Residency and supporting contemporary curators through the promotion of exhibitions.

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