Art for Ukraine

01 APRIL 2022 - 25 APRIL 2022
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38. Aleksandra Sidor

Breastfeeding a grown man in heaven

Oil on canvas 
100 x 100 cm 
Painted in 2021. 


£2,500 - 2,900

This auction has now ended

Art for Ukraine (38/81)


‘Sidor’s multidisciplinary practice investigates the concepts of perception, morality, ethicality and trauma. The paintings she creates often deal with the power relations of her subjects and the transformative nature of encounters. The artist is interested in the idea of the investigation of consciousness, awareness and empathy and the creation of a wide range of work is motivated by the possibility of exploring different perceptions and the potential of various forms of audience participation. Characterized by ornamental tendencies, her works are very often based on different writings on psychoanalysis and inspired by social, cultural and political transformations. The influence of psychoanalysis is also evident both in the titles of her paintings and in the subjects that she depicts, which have a strong surrealist connotation. All her artistic creation revolves around encounters of bodies with other beings. This point of connectivity as well as manipulated proportions, test the power relations of the subjects.' - East Contemporary 

Aleksandra Sidor (b. 1991) is a Polish artist based in Bournemouth. She works across a variety of media, including painting, sound, sculpture, photography, installation and video. Sidor was recently featured in an interview with Daniel Lichterwaldt, published online by Les Nouveaux Riches magazine.


2016 – 2019 Fine Art, Arts University Bournemouth, UK


2020 Not sure if it will happen in my lifetime, online exhibition

2019 Praesentia, ae, f. Alex Mayall, Lumen Crypt Gallery, London, UK


2022 Baitball #2, Like a Little Disaster, Palazzo San Giuseppe, Polignano a Mare, ITA

2021 Catharsis, curated by Brittany Sutcliffe, London, UK

2021 Les Danses Nocturnes, curated by eastcontemporary, Entrevaux, FR

2018 Kiosk 7, Copenhagen, DK


September 2022, solo show, eastcontemporary, Milan, ITA


This work is a generous donation from @eastcontemporary Gallery in Milan. 

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