Art for Ukraine

01 APRIL 2022 - 25 APRIL 2022
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5. Beatrice Hasell-Mccosh


Signed and dated front and back
Watercolour on paper
17 x15 cm
Executed in 2022. 


£300 - 500

This auction has now ended

Art for Ukraine (5/81)


In her creative practice, Beatrice Hasell-McCosh‘s draws from the tradition of landscape painting, her most recent work a series of monumental paintings centred around themes of separation and emotions associated with enforced isolation. Hasell-McCosh’s paintings never include figures or animals. She creates multipartite works, a practice inspired by her trip to Japan in 2018. The Japanese culture of finding beauty in imperfection has impacted Beatrice's vision, leading her to create a series of triptychs with uneven elements. Being a twin, Beatrice  is naturally attracted to multiple parts that make up a whole. 

Beatrice (b.1990, UK) studied English and Classics at Leeds University and The Royal Drawing School in London. Her work is part of  private collections around the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA. She has curated two online exhibitions, one of which was with Bowes Parris Gallery. Her second solo exhibition was presented at Blue Shop Cottage in October 2020. Beatrice lives and works in London.

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