Art for Ukraine

01 APRIL 2022 - 25 APRIL 2022
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31. Alyssa Iferenta


Archival inkjet print on edition etching rag 310gsm
35.6 x 30.5 cm
Executed in 2020.


£300 - 550

This auction has now ended

Art for Ukraine (31/81)


'“The Statement of Nature: A Reflection" series of which this work is part of, delves into the similarities between the ongoing societal quest to contain Black Bahamian women and the natural environment. “Weeds” explores the process of perspective in identity formation. Whiteness attempts to subvert the value of all other expressions of humanity by dictating the value systems that then condition our consciousness. However, given an alternative ethos, our self perceptions can be dramatically different. Weeds themselves are colloquially a matter of perspective as we search for beauty or utility through the lens of Eurocentrism. Employing a different frame of reference, the weed is viewed and valued as a rose and vice versa. Societal perceptions of beauty detain us within subjective aesthetics purported as absolutes.” - Alyssa Iferenta

Alyssa Iferenta is a self-taught Bahamian artist who currently works and lives in Boston. In 2021, Iferenta’s work was featured on the cover of Culture Icon Magazine, a publication that champions Black creatives. Iferenta’s work has been privately collected both in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.


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