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11 SEPTEMBER 2023 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2023
Paintings In Hospitals auction Lucien Pissarro, detail Lucien Pissarro, detail Lucien Pissarro, detail Lucien Pissarro, detail Lucien Pissarro, detail Lucien Pissarro, detail
Paintings In Hospitals auction
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12. Lucien Pissarro

Crowning of Esther

Woodblock print
32 x 25.5 cm.
Possibly made in 1903.


£200 - 300

This auction has now ended

Art Makes Lives Better (12/64)


Taken from Worthpoint: 1896 LUCIEN PISSARRO W/CUT Crowning of Esther - ERAGNY | #110042582 (

The eldest son of the Impressionist painter Camille Pissarro, Lucien, was born in 1863 in Paris. Taught by his father, Lucien began his career as a landscape painter, but by the 1880s became interested in woodcuts and wood engravings and in 1884-1890 worked for the printer Manzi. In 1886 he participated in the 8th Impressionist exhibition with 10 paintings and graphic works. He was one of the first to join the Neo-Impressionist movement and exhibited at the first Salon des Independants. In 1888 he exhibited with the avant-garde group Les Vingt in Brussels. In 1890 he moved to England and became a citizen in 1916. In Britain he established friendly contacts with the Pre-Raphaelites and plein-air painters.

Artwork in good condition. Prsented in small folio with artwork notes.

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