Art on a Postcard International Women’s Day Auction - Curated by Lee Sharrock

23 FEBRUARY 2023 - 09 MARCH 2023
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46. Trish Wylie

Blue Joshuas II

Acrylic and Watercolour on Paper


A6 (10x15cm)

Original Artwork 

Signed on Verso

Curated by Lee Sharrock

This auction has now ended

Art on a Postcard International Women’s Day Auction - Curated by Lee Sharrock (46/70)



Many of the artworks in this exhibition emerge from Trish’s experiences in the Mojave Desert 2019 and the idea of “trails” as routes through and into wild territories used by explorers and migrants.  

Set against Trish’s signature desert landscapes, this exhibition focuses on her original amalgamations of popular culture and religious motifs as well as her desert-inspired landscapes. Trish pushes the tradition of collage by creating cinematic depictions of the traditional and the modern combined. She selects fragments of our daily life, cutting, fusing, and overlaying the contemporary and traditional icons that form the visual world around us. She brings the imagery, colour and stories from her earliest cultural visual influences — from TV, film, and the Catholic Church into her art in this exhibition. 

As the main characters of Trish’s artworks, James Bond and the Virgin Mary are not only recurrent motifs in this exhibition; they also coexist and interact with each other on the same picture plane. The way in which Trish uses these two immediately recognisable figures shows humour and a desire to challenge expectations: a James Bond fight scene takes place with the Virgin Mary and angels dominating the skyline, while Trish herself appears smoking a tampon in a Marlboro ad. 

‘Making art is like being on a trail, finding new routes, new connections, exploring unknown territory, in the Autumn of 2019 I spent several weeks alone in an old 1950’s caravan in the Mojave Desert and fell in love. I had my watercolours a backpack and no car, I walked everywhere and absorbed the desert and the desert absorbed me.  

Cinema had always been a big influence on my work, particularly Westerns and the connection between painting and film had been something that I explored for several years before moving onto an exploration on the effects of this particular cultural phenomenon on my psyche and soul. Being in The Mojave Desert felt like I had come home.’ - Trish Wylie


Camberwell Fine Art Painting BA and Printmaking Postgraduate Cert. 

Select Exhibitions/Awards 

'Trailing" Solo Show                             99 Projects Gallery London 2022 

'ReBirth' Group Show                            99 Projects Gallery London 2022 

"Royal Watercolour Society Open"          Bankside Gallery London 2022 

Solo Show,                                             Boos Closet Gallery London 2022 

I Rose Madder"   Solo Show              William Road Gallery London 2018 

'Cowboys'  Solo Show                               Belgravia Gallery London 2016                                                 

 'The Good The Bad and the Beautiful'  Belgravia  Gallery London  2012                                  

'Once Upon a Time In The West'            Belgravia Gallery  London  2006                          

'Ten' Group Show                                 Beardsmore Gallery London  2002 

 'Arts In Hospital'                                   Dorchester Hospital Dorset 1996 

Millfield Open Prizewinner                    Atkinson Gallery Somerset 1994 

Gallery Representation 

Beardsmore Gallery 1998 -2002 

Belgravia Gallery 2004-2014 

Statement about AOAP Submitted Artworks 

These postcards are titled Blue Joshuas and are referring to the Joshua Trees in the Mojave Desert in California, where I stayed in an old mid century caravan painting watercolours in 2019. The Joshua Tree is from the Yucca family and is only found in this desert, sadly they are under threat by climate change as the moth that pollinates the trees are in decline.The palette I have used is symbolic, exaggerating the colour of the earth and making the trees blue, both as a colour of sky and also of loss. 


You must not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any works. In doing so, you endanger our relationships with artists, and directly jeopardise the charitable work we do. Anyone found doing so will be subject to legal action. 

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