Ceramics & Craft Studio Sale 2023 | FARPHORIA

02 JUNE 2023 - 23 JUNE 2023
Porcelain ring SCUTATA Porcelain ring SCUTATA Porcelain ring SCUTATA Porcelain ring SCUTATA Porcelain ring SCUTATA
Porcelain ring SCUTATA
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Porcelain Ring SCUTATA

Porcelain Ring 
Adorned with 24 karat gold, mother of pearl and silver grey glazing inside the band
Approximate width 8-15mm  
Size US 6.5 | UK N | Diameter 13mm | Circumference 53mm 
Created as one-of-a-kind 
Signed by the artist
Authenticity guaranteed


£200 - 350

This auction has now ended

Ceramics & Craft Studio Sale 2023 | FARPHORIA (4/12)


Rings made from porcelain are unconventional and rare in the jewellery range. Porcelain artist Xenia Busalova captures timeless and sophisticated poetry of porcelain.
The design of SCUTATA ring resembles the scales of a unique and endangered creature pangolin. This ring is handmade from the whitest New Zealand porcelain as the only copy and embellished with 24K gold. SCUTATA ring is absolutely unique and constitutes a little wearable sculpture - you will not see the same piece anywhere. 
The ring is ovally shaped because human fingers and knuckles are not naturally round, that is why this ring feels so good on the hand. You just need to pull on your ring sideways over your knuckle and then twist it on your finger till you find comfortable position. Porcelain rings are very DURABLE and RESISTANT - they are made from the same porcelain compound as human teeth. SCUTATA porcelain ring is remarkably designed and would make a special addition to the discerning jewellery collector who has the creative expression confidence. 

Xenia Busalova lives and works in London where she graduated from the Royal College of Art and InnovationRCA. After many years of independent art practice, numerous exhibitions including, but not limited, Royal Academy of Arts, fine art galleries and two international biennales she founded her brand of porcelain jewellery FARPHPORIA. Works by Xenia Busalova Studio are included in both public and private collections and she has a growing international collector base.

“FARPHORIA” originates from the merge of two words: “FARFOR” that translates as “PORCELAIN” and “EUPHORIA”.

FARPHORIA creates one-of-a-kind jewellery from porcelain and real plants. FARPHORIA’s sophisticated porcelain jewellery celebrates strength yet fragility of nature and its momentous cycles. Like there are no two identical elements in nature, each piece of our porcelain jewellery is a unique wearable art and you will not see the same piece anywhere.

It is a zero waste, all handmade small-scale production based in the heart of London. All the materials are derived from the planet ethically, sustainably, and 100% ESG friendly - we could not care for the environment more. 

FARPHORIA propagates conscious and meaningful luxury.


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