Hart School Art Auction

18 JUNE 2021 - 12 JULY 2021
Luke Burton Luke Burton Luke Burton Luke Burton Luke Burton
Luke Burton
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47. Luke Burton

Ambivalent Men Hiding Under Fountain (Baku)

50 x 70 cm
Created in 2016
This artwork is Unframed


£670 - 1,090

This auction has now ended

Hart School Art Auction (47/91)


“This work was made as part of a series of works that took the protagonist of Ambivalent Man as an ongoing figure. Ambivalence personified, in this work, he is twinned - a reiteration that suggests the endless copying of classical tropes and figures over vast periods of time, but also a kind of 'other', his difference manifest by the inevitable variations of the drawing hand. The twins hide under the fountain - fearful of what we do not know, perhaps everything. Whilst the overflowing waters of the font is a paradox itself: a symbol of virility and power squished into frame, with its asymmetrical and awkward proportions undermining its classicism.” - Luke Burton, 2021

@luke_p_burton | www.lukepburton.tumblr.com

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