Hart School Art Auction

18 JUNE 2021 - 12 JULY 2021
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29. Enorê


3D printed ceramic
7 x 8 x 6 cm
Edition of 7


£110 - 150

This auction has now ended

Hart School Art Auction (29/91)


Enorê is an artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, currently based in London, where they have recently completed their Master's Degree. Their work revolves around the fluidity of digital media into physicality and back, the modes of translation and transcoding that arise from these dynamics and how that relates to ways in which the body itself mediates and processes information. Using digital objects, 3D scanned data and code they model, bend, distort and bring into physical existence that which can only be mediated through digital technology, re-contextualising and bringing them into a new relationship with the body, before sending them back into digitality.

They work in multiple media including, but not limited to, computer programming, 3D modelling, painting, ceramics and textile; and have recently exhibited with Circa Art Class of 2020 and NEoN Digital Arts, where they were recently commissioned through the Indeterminacy Project (Dundee University).


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