Help Ukraine: Without Reserve

18 MARCH 2022 - 28 MARCH 2022
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23. Rose Davey

Miss Information

Acrylic paint on plywood panel
Each panel 25 x 20.5 x 2cm (To be hung 3cm apart)


£1,800 - 2,700

This auction has now ended

Help Ukraine: Without Reserve (23/50)


Miss Information, was made on 7th March 2022 as the conflict in the Ukraine continued to escalate and the horror intensified. The diptych of course takes its cue from the colours of Ukraine's national flag, but where one panel is vibrant with contrasting tones of yellow and blue, the other has faded into two colours of a similar tone. It is a shift from bright to grey, from confident to uncertain, from something solid to something fading into light. The title is a play on words alluding to the misinformation that has legitimised this appalling war. It also casts the paintings in a role, assigning a name and personality. One might also label one panel 'Miss' and the other 'Information', drawing out further associations with missile strikes and misleading representation of information. Aside from all these possible readings, the works are also a meditation on the over layering of rectangles for the purpose of creating a frame. A technology we continually use to process content, whether it be through our phones, laptops, televisions, doorways, or windows.

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