Help Ukraine: Without Reserve

18 MARCH 2022 - 28 MARCH 2022
Zelenskyy artist
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49. Keng Wai Lee


Acrylic on canvas
36cm x46cm


£950 - 1,425

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Help Ukraine: Without Reserve (49/50)


The title of the work "Zelenskyy" says it all. It is not about hero worship but of conviction from a human being that care about humanity and fight for what is right. If I am hypothetically being put in this position, I do not think I would be so brave. So salute to all who are doing their best to overcome this calamity.

I have started painting professionally since 2012after being on a sabbatical creatively for a few years. I mainly work in acrylic and sometimes collaborate with my partner on more experimental work with an amalgamation of gilding, linework and painting.

I am currently based in London after graduating from Kuala Lumpur college of Art.

My body of work was inspired by  migration, struggles, ambition, gender and standing out. Using a lot of flora and fauna in his work the artist is reflecting the state of the world we are living in. In life there are so many obstacles that we have to get through,  as most of the time we have no control over our journey in life. Using so many guises and incarnation like the kaleidoscope of colors , we normally  face the world tentatively, sometimes bravely or with the urgency of blind innocence . The artwork evokes energy with its uplifting colours, yet we only see half the story and the rest in our imagination.

As art is an endless way for experimentation, I will be excited with what comes next.

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