20. Daniel McDermott


Signed and dated (on the reverse)
Oil on linen canvas
90 x 120 cm. 
Painted in 2015


Daniel McDermott paints dynamic photo-realist canvases. Working in an energetic and highly individual style, his paintings capture our perceptions of the fast moving world around us.

The Americana source material for Daniel's work comes from archive film and television footage - nostalgic images of city streets, speeding cars and passing figures.

"The exact time and location of this image is unknown to me. My technique is to go 'fishing' in the vast ocean of images that are stored in film footage in cinema, internet, and television. I am drawn to film footage for the reason that not every single frame was composed intentionally; much of what passes by the camera is accidental/incidental. A short sequence of film contains thousands of possible compositions of the same basic scene. I find single frames where everything falls into place – composition, colour, and image."


Daniel McDermott's work has been shown throughout the UK, Europe, and the USA. It can be found in corporate and private collections worldwide.

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