16 APR 2019 7:00 PM
Alon Zakaim Fine Art, W1S 4LD
Hyper-Colour-Pop-Culture - Lot 6, Charlie Oscar Patterson, Jaffa Cake
Hyper-Colour-Pop-Culture - Lot 6, Charlie Oscar Patterson, Jaffa Cake

6. Charlie Oscar Patterson

Jaffa Cake

Signed and dated (on the reverse)
Acrylic on canvas 
38 x 38 x 5 cm.
Created in 2019


£550 - 850

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Hyper-Colour-Pop-Culture (6/32)


This 3D artwork by Charlie Oscar Patterson is created by the music around him.

The initial sketches and designs for these multi-layered 3D canvases are the artist's visual interpretation of the music he listens to when working. Ambient instrumental music, jazz, classical and electronica by the likes of Mike Oldfields, Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Brian Eno all play a motivational role in the creation of his work. 

To pass on this emotional response to the viewer, the artist treats colours as musical notes and combines them in the artwork to give the piece its unique tempo and rhythm. These shaped works break from the tradition of a restrictive picture plane. They treat the whole composition of materials as one complete object - a translation of music into a tangible form.


Charlie Oscar Patterson studied Graphic Design at Chelsea College of Art & Design. His urban art murals can be found all over London, and his canvas work has been exhibited internationally, with a recent solo exhibition Objects For Music at the Adidas Originals Store, London.

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