It's Real Outside - Deptford Contemporary

15 SEPTEMBER 2022 - 07 OCTOBER 2022
Lily Pearmain, Medium Vase, sculpture, 2022 Lily Pearmain, Medium Vase, sculpture, 2022
Lily Pearmain, Medium Vase, sculpture, 2022
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18. Lily Pearmain

Medium Vase

20cm x 10cm Stoneware clay with shino glaze

Woodfired in an anagama style kiln in Devon during a 94 hour long firing.

created in 2022


£120 - 150

This auction has now ended

It's Real Outside - Deptford Contemporary (18/78)


Lily Pearmain is a self taught potter living and working in South East London. She is driven by experimenting with processes and approaches to clay as a material, while keeping the work clean, often using simple forms. Predominantly she uses the potters wheel, even for sculptural pieces, and with minimal glazing. Her work draws on British studio ceramics and the desire to make good, quiet, beautiful, and strong pots.
instagram: @lily.pearmain.ceramics

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