It's Real Outside - Deptford Contemporary

15 SEPTEMBER 2022 - 07 OCTOBER 2022
Lily Holder, Thirty Minutes With Her I, 2022 Lily Holder, Thirty Minutes With Her I, 2022
Lily Holder, Thirty Minutes With Her I, 2022
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43. Lily Holder

Thirty Minutes With Her I

29.7 x 42cm 

Compressed charcoal with soft pastel

49.5 x 37cm (with frame)

From a series of drawings made of performance artist and life model Françoise Odill. The works depict thirty minutes of constant flowing movement undertaken by Françoise.

Framed in black stained ash frame by Rabbet Framing, Peckham, SE London


£290 - 400

This auction has now ended

It's Real Outside - Deptford Contemporary (43/78)


Lily Holder is a figurative artist based in South East London. Working directly with life models, she draws on her own decade of experience working as a professional artists model to create loose, abstracted drawings of the figure. Her aim is to focus on the tension, experience and often performative nature of a pose, rather than the aesthetic. In her practice she works very quickly, often making multiple drawings of the same pose or working with movement - each time attempting to lose the edges of the figure in order to zoom in on the human.

instagram: @lilyholder


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