It's Real Outside - Deptford Contemporary

15 SEPTEMBER 2022 - 07 OCTOBER 2022
Joshua Armitage, Untitled (washing up V) 2020
Joshua Armitage, Untitled (washing up V) 2020
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31. Joshua Armitage

Untitled (washing up V) 2020

29.7 cm x 21 cm 
Charcoal on paper

Created in 2020


£120 - 180

This auction has now ended

It's Real Outside - Deptford Contemporary (31/78)


Joshua Armitage (b. Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, 1986) lives and works in London.

Armitage works primarily with painting and drawing. His painting practice is concerned with the intersections of observation, memory and feeling, combining sensory experience with various approaches to applying paint in the hope of conveying, replicating or conjuring remembered experiences from his past.
instagram: @joshua.armitage

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