It's Real Outside - Deptford Contemporary

15 SEPTEMBER 2022 - 07 OCTOBER 2022
Jack Greeley-Ward, Widower, 2022
Jack Greeley-Ward, Widower, 2022
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58. Jack Greeley-Ward


15 cm x 21 cm


Charcoal and oil pastel on paper



£250 - 280

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It's Real Outside - Deptford Contemporary (58/78)


Jack Greeley-Ward lives and works in London. His practice blends drawing, collage and animation. By withdrawing or altering a subject's implicit context, he plays with audiences' expectations of an object, story, place or character's identity to infer new meanings. The work introduces a new perspective for the audience to consider, to make the absurdity of our own reality all the more clear.

instagram: @jack.g.ward

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