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Lend Your Ears + Open Your Eyes

16 JAN 2020 12:00 AM
The Koppel Project, 49 Poland St, W1F 7ND
Lend Your Ears + Open Your Eyes - Lot 4, Spectral Nation, Atmospheric Disturbance YY Revisited - No.1
Lend Your Ears + Open Your Eyes - Lot 4, Spectral Nation, Atmospheric Disturbance YY Revisited - No.1

4. Spectral Nation

Atmospheric Disturbance YY Revisited - No.1

Signed and dated
Screen print on paper
100 x 70 cm.
Created in September 2018
This work is number 1 from an edition of 9.


£800 - 1,200

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Lend Your Ears + Open Your Eyes (4/31)


The original artwork for Ultramarine's 2019 album Signals into Space

Spectral Nation's surreal artwork perfectly captures Ultramarine's meditative sound. The image is composed of numerous hidden layers that combine to form a genuine sense of depth and dimension in an otherwise completely flat presentation.

Approached directly by the band, Spectral Nation sought inspiration from their previous artwork - an aesthetic that turned out to compliment Ultramarine's musical direction. Working backwards from a previously completed work, Spectral Nation underwent archeological research and detective work to rediscover past printing techniques.

Spectral Nation is a collaboration between screen printing artists Luke Frost, Jon Rundall, and Therese Vandling who also form the London based Studio Heretic.

Their work is constantly in flux, growing through a series of colour and print process interactions combined with irregular print experiments. With a focus on visual perception, the relationship between colours and how they effect the retina and the mind is explored. Looking at the journey an image makes through different processes, from digital manipulation into analogue, and the transformations and distortions this journey can bring about, sometimes deliberate, often by chance, uncovers hidden complexities within simple compositions.


Selected Solo Exhibitions: Spectral Nation/Vague Horizonsss Mad Atelier, London, 2018. Spectral Nation/Atmospheric Disturbances Material, London, 2015. Chromotopia Into the Spectral Nation Stories, London, 2015. Spectral Nation, Beach London, London, 2014. Spectral Nation Material, Ludlow, 2013. 

Selected Group Exhibitions: Signs and Symbols: From Street Art To High Art, Lancaster Museum of Art & History, Los Angeles, 2013. To London With Love, Material, London, 2012. To Bristol With Love, Here Gallery, Bristol, 2012. Bones, Guns, and Heretics Autobahn, Istanbul, 2011. People Of Print, Beach, London, 2011.

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